Our state’s coast is endowed with beautiful beaches, coves, sea cliffs, and a vast variety of marine life. However, when we drill, we spill–and when we spill off our shores, it can spell disaster for the whales, otters and coral that live in our oceans. Californians know better than most that spills can have a lasting impact on marine ecosystems and the coastal communities.

50 years after the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill sparked the modern-day Environmental Movement, we continue to fight to protect and preserve our oceans.

  • Oil spills are inevitable. About 880,000 gallons of oil go into our ocean every year just from normal operations alone.
  • Oil spills have lasting negative health impacts. After the Deepwater Horizon spill, 50,000 that participated in cleanup suffered lung tissue damage from exposure to chemicals.
  • Marine life is harmed even from oil exploration activities. Seismic surveys are known to damage/kill fish eggs and disrupt migration patterns.

Offshore Drilling Factsheets:

(1) Oil and Oceans Don’t Mix

Contact: Blake Kopcho (BKopcho@biologicaldiversity.org)

(2) Oil Drilling

Contact: Heirs to Our Oceans (info@heirstoouroceans.org)

(3) Attack on Our Coast: Defending State’s Rights un Response to Federal Offshore Drilling Under the Coastal Zone Management Act

Contact: Richard Charter (waterway@monitor.net)

(4) California’s ocean stewardship and climate leadership attract tourism and investment and creates jobs

Contact: Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast (DefendthePacific@gmail.com)