The ocean is greatly impacted by increased greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change causes water temperature changes, deoxygenation, and ocean acidification (IUCN, 2015). These changes can have disastrous impacts on marine life that can’t survive in new unhealthy ecosystems. Melting ice sheets are resulting in sea-level rise across the globe. California is predicted to have greater sea-level rise than the world average, making it an even more concerning issues for the state.

With almost 400,000 people living within 6 feet of sea-level and a large coastal tourist economy, it’s essential that we take action to protect California’s coastal communities.

  • California has a $40 billion coastal and ocean economy, rising sea levels will produce an enormous loss of jobs for people living in coastal counties
  • Increased calcification contributes to the erosion of coral reefs at a rate higher than they can reproduce. This impacts the many other marine life that require reefs for their own survival.

Impact of Climate Change Factsheets:

(1) A Changing Ocean Climate

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(2) Helping to Protect California Coastal Communities

Contact: California Coastal Commission